Studije budućnosti

Sistematičan, holistički i interdisciplinarni pristup istraživanju društvenog i tehnološkog razvoja i drugih trendova u svrhu prepoznavanja mogućih, verovatnih i preferiranih budućnosti.

Rečnik budućnosti, CSB 2022.

The Center for Futures Studies is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit civil society association founded to achieve goals in futures studies, ie a strategic foresight and deep understanding of attitudes and prejudices about the past and present, significant trends, and probable and possible futures. We believe that individuals, organizations, and society have the capacity and need to envision the future that is crucial for our personal and collective development, and we can further develop this capacity through the concept of futures literacy.

Our goals are to research trends, educate and train experts in various fields, strengthen organizations that study trends and design possible futures, and develop awareness among individuals and the general public about the need to enhance personal and collective capacities for future literacy.

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