Dublji uzročnici promena u nekom sistemu koji određuju pravac razvoja društva.

Rečnik budućnosti, CSB 2022.


Our mission is to strengthen futures literacy of individuals and society so that they can successfully manage strategic challenges, respond quickly to threats and seize development opportunities in a changing world. To achieve this mission, we promote the importance of developing an awareness of futures studies by organizing public debates and conferences and informing the public about the results of scientific research accessible to the public and contributing to bringing public policy, business, and science closer.

The Center cooperates with a wide range of actors, continuously considering the most significant trends and weak signals, and their long-term impacts on the development of society. The mission of the Center is to analyze the sources, patterns, and causes of changes in society and develop insights into the future long-term and likely outcomes of these processes.

The Center for Future Studies develops development scenarios and outcomes aiming at reforming critical areas of life, such as issues of political community and values ​​in a society, security, justice, and human rights and freedoms in modern society, development of science, technology, IT and artificial intelligence and their impact on environment and people, building a socially just relationship between labor and capital, design of life in urban areas and the role of utilities, planning, development and use of critical infrastructure.